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  Ruminate "best in the world Nang" Title: ruminate "Nang best in the world" by Eric Listing Hazi Guliminuo · Xinjiang cuisine, the Nang is as important as air and water, would rather three days without meat, not get along without Nang.Urumqi Nang cultural industry park opened more than six months, walked from the pit Nang Nang grilled smoky bright and clean production workshop, family cottage from the progressive development of large-scale industry, turned "red network" food from street food, about the Xinjiang peoples lives with color, flavor.In the visitors sought after, Urumqi Nang cultural industry park become popular on the vibrato, and so deft short video platform "to punch".Here not only to understand the culture and history Nang, Nang to visit the processing and production process, but also to experience the fun of playing Nang.Diameter of 7.1 meter "best in the world Nang" landmark building, with realistic modeling of various shapes to attract tourists put their pictures taken.Covering nearly 50,000 square meters of the park include seven regional Nang cultural display area, production and processing areas, experience the interpretation area and features exhibition areas and other agricultural products.Nang cultural display area displays ancient Xinjiang Nang pit model, from the ground to the underground pit Nang Nang pit, from red brick to dry soil pit Nang Nang pit, and the most popular green electricity Xinjiang Nang pit.Hall also displays different periods and materials produced needle Nang Nang Nang pillow, and other system tools.According to reports, the park opened since the end of December 2020, more than 6,000 people every day tourists.Liu Shuqin tourists from the city of Aksu, said: "When I see a neighbor playing Nang, together with my child and her family Nang needle on bread stamp pattern."Xinjiang Nang 300 kinds, of which a large wheel Kuqa pancake, chewy like full Wowo Nang.Today, imaginative chefs make the Nang Koi, guitar, flowers and other shapes, ornamental increase.Nang cake production and processing areas, through the glass wall of a passageway of the visit, the dough through a Tuotuo pressed flat in the hands of the workers, into a round roll, around Niechu pancake edge, then Chuochu pattern, and then delivered to the baking Area.To be a picture of the golden Nang workers are out, across the glass wall can smell the fragrant from the oven Nang."In the past all firewood and coal for fuel, electricity here, no soot Nang pit full flavor."Liu Yun tourists back and forth to and from the production and processing area of the corridor, I do not want to miss every aspect.According to the park workers Muta force just introduced the traditional pit Nang firewood and coal fire, pit Nang heat, baking time by virtue of experience of master control, environmental change Nang pit only heat source, does not change the traditional approach, fast heating, and keep thermostats, clean, high efficiency, so as to preserve the traditional pit Nang Nang grilled "old flavor".For the convenience of visitors to the site to send purchase, the park introduced vacuum-packed.125 green electricity production park pit Nang Nang 300,000 per day, of which 2.20000 Nang sold in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities.Opening date, the park sold 80 million Nang, which sold 8.5 million online and offline 71.5 million, 64 million in Xinjiang, outside Xinjiang 16 million, driven by the development of the restaurant industry, agro-food sales, logistics, etc. generate economic benefits of about 600 million yuan.At present, "Abra Nang" "Nang King" and other well-known Xinjiang Nang eight companies and 11 non-staple food processing enterprises stationed in the park.In addition to producing sesame Nang, leather sub-teeth Wowo Nang Nang and other traditional varieties, but also to develop new varieties of hot leather Nang, roses and walnut Nang Nang, so that little roasted Nang start leveraging the major industry in Xinjiang.

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