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  ACLA: Henan, a lawyer committed units of bribery jailed for 2 years 26th National Lawyers Association held a news conference to announce nine lawyer discipline typical case.Among them, a lawyer in Henan because of their consultants seek help in case of trial and execution of illegitimate interests, bribery 2.06 million yuan, was convicted of bribery units, jailed for 2 years, Henan Province Bar Association to give its membership canceled industry disciplinary action.According to the National Lawyers Association spokesman Jiang Min Bulletin, Anyang City, Henan Province, a real estate development limited liability company in the trial and execution of a loan dispute case, in order to take legal action in the courts preservation, enforcement cases and other matters as quickly as possible seek illegitimate interests, bribery by the company legal representative and legal adviser Henan Wanli Kun Liu Xiangyang lawyer law firm Anyang City Intermediate peoples Court Executive Board, former deputy director, totaling 2.06 million yuan.By Anyang County, Henan Province Peoples Court found Liu Xiangyang lawyers conduct constituted units of bribery, sentenced to 2 years.2020 September 28, Henan Province, Department of Justice lawyer Liu Xiangyang given administrative punishment lawyer practicing certificate revoked.2020 October 9, Henan Province Bar Association lawyer to give Liu Xiangyang cancellation of membership of trade disciplinary action.In addition, Maoming City in Guangdong Province Bar Association because of Yangcheng An attorney violation of conflict of interest provisions, which only gives members the right to dispose of months.According to Jiang Min introduction, 2020 February 20, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, Maoming City Bar Association to the Bureau of Justice transferred the material to reflect the Cantonment Road Yangcheng An attorney law firm departure from the court, two years as a lawyer as agent ad litem or defender.By Maoming City Bar Association survey found Yangcheng An attorney from the court after the resignation of two years, in order to practice as lawyers handling cases 3, as a lawyer as agent ad litem or defender caseload of 10.2020 May 21, Maoming City Bar Association lawyer to suspend the rights of membership given Yangcheng An industry-month disciplinary action.

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