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  Optimizing the business environment Draft: inclusive prudential supervision of new formats Beijing News News July 14, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "Regulations optimizing the business environment", managing to August 12, to solicit comments from the public.The "draft" a total of seven chapters contain market players, various aspects of the market environment, government services, regulation and law enforcement, security and other rule of law, the government involving the business environment, market players, trade associations and chambers of commerce, intermediary services multiple roles institutions, utility companies and other constraints make."Draft" to the definition of "business environment" concept, referring to external factors and conditions related enterprises engaged in production activities as well as other organizations and individuals involved in market access, production and management, and other processes out of the market.Protection of market players cautious to take coercive measures reporter noted that the existence of market players in general violations, "draft" use "prudent" word, that "legally prudent to take administrative enforcement measures to minimize the normal production of market players the adverse effects of business activities."At the same emphasis on equal treatment of market players, industry, field, business, types of market players other than the negative list of market access can have equal access to the law.Protection of small investors, the state actively promote the standardization of corporate governance, strengthening shareholders rights protection law, in particular the protection of minority shareholders, the shareholders safeguard their rights and interests to facilitate and enhance social investment initiative."Draft" at the same time provide for the delinquent behavior of corporate accounts, small and medium enterprises the right to demand payment of arrears and compensation in accordance with law.Establishment of a unified human resources market break regional segmentation, the elimination of persistent "to get people war" period of gender discrimination in the country since time.The "draft" only emphasizes the establishment of a sound standardized and orderly competitive human resources market, to break the urban and rural areas, industry segmentation, noting that the rational flow "to eliminate identity, gender discrimination" to guide and promote talent.Specifications charges related enterprises, including enterprises involved in administrative fees, government funds, intermediary service charges administrative examination and approval and implementation of operational and service charges of government pricing, develop directory listing for these costs, shall not collect any fees other than inventory.No unit may be in any form of government administrative functions into business services paid."Draft" to continue to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, stressing governments at all levels and relevant departments should respect, protect, encourage innovation, reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship.Inclusive prudential supervision of a new form of government supervision and support of the news media behavior, "draft" proposed "two unity", that nation-building national integration platform for online government services; the establishment of the authority, standardized, credible national unity electronic seal system, and using the stamp issued by the electronic system.Electronic seal with the physical stamp has the same legal effect."Draft" stressed state new industries, new formats, new technologies, new models, in accordance with the principles of prudent encourage innovation, tolerance, targeted way to determine the regulatory norms and standards, according to the law to protect innovation, and adhere to the safety and quality bottom line, the problems of timely guide or disposal, and promote the healthy development of norms, is strictly prohibited in the name of innovation committed offenses.Supervision, and fully mobilize the community to participate in and support the news media supervision by public opinion.At the same time regulate the news media and its practitioners act, involving market players during the news should be true, comprehensive, objective, impartial, not with braided hair and published unverified information, news reports should not be used to seek illegitimate interests.Beijing News reporter Jiang Huizi

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